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YOUTUBE Review of Combat Miniatures LLC

YOUTUBE Review of Combat Miniatures LLC

Published on February 22nd, General Hand Grenade, from British Columbia, was so kind to do a Video Review of CombatMiiniatures.Org.  Even if you don't have a Subscription to His Channel Check him out!  He has produced several Great Videos about the Axis & Allies world. Discussions regarding Out of Box Games as well as Variants like Amerika and 1936 Global, both from Historical Board  Discussions on Customization of Axis & Allies Units and many many more.

In his review he discuses our many products such as 3D units, Decals, Painted Units, T-Shirts and more along with a quick navigation through the Web Store.

Here at Combat Miniatures give Many Many Thanks to The General for his Kind Words and Hard Work in this Creating this Video,


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