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Custom Painted Axis & Allies

1/285 Scale Hand Painted Units with Decals.  All are unique and no (2) will be exactly the same.  Custom Painting on request of all products in Website
Based on 76 reviews
Great little pieces

These little guys are pretty awesome. Their size and the fact that they are magnetized make them perfect.

So much fun...

Had Rich make me some custom pub glasses. Simply awesome, havn't put down the deaths head glass

Best Japanese set available.

You will not be disappointed if you purchase this set. 4 flag bearers and plenty of great usable poses


I really like these classic old girls!


Really nice Models, slowly filling out my Pacific Game, I hope to have an entire game custom painted by years end

Excellent quality, good size, and a great addition to my game

I love my new naval ports. I had purchased a few that were way too big and these were a perfect size. Easy to see, and great to look at when the board is all laid out!

Excellent quality, good size, and a great addition to my game

Not much to say. These airfields have been a great addition to my game. Same size as the card board ones which came with the game but MUCH easier to see and much more pleasing to look at.


Bought these to act as a heavy tank upgrade. These are huge and definitely stand out on the board. Looks great. The product came in very quickly. I will be buying more pieces from the website in the future.


im going to get good use probably get more


lm going to enjoy using this

Great set!

Wanted to supplement my OOB Japan units; I paint my units to bring to enhance my game play; glued metal washers to all infantry units as well as
subs, then painted stands so that they blend well on map and wont fall over easily. Loved this particular set for the unique poses, especially the Japanese
battle flag figurines... which I use on the perimeter of all the japanese territories. email me for pics if you would like to see end product...

Damage marker

Sturdy and very cool looking!

Italian propaganda poster

Nicely done and suitable for framing! Looks great in any man cave or game room!

Research Center

Nicely done! Use them for your large factories.

Great look

I purchased several destroyers with the blue decks, they add to my game experience

Looks good on the board

Got the blue decked cruisers, they look nice on the board and make the game a little cooler!

Nice upgrade

Got the Blue deck version. Very nicely done, looks great on my board

Long ship time

Got my first mug and love it. Ordered a second as a bday gift and it still hasn't arrived yet.

Great decals!

I always love these slide decals, they work perfect for my a and a units. Thanks!

Awesome units!

I ordered these because my out of box global 40 pieces were to flexible for painting. These are much more stiff plastic and way more suited to paint. Let alone they look awesome. There is a few posses that simply won't work for a and a pieces because they won't stand up on thier own but that's OK. I'm still super happy with my purchase.

Adds some WOW factor

Even my wife thought these were cool. Looks awesome on the game board-Wolf

Condor League (Spanish Nationalist) Decals

Thank you for producing these! The quality is superb. I’d recently purchased your Spanish Civil War game, and am currently customizing my game pieces. Both these decals and your Spanish Republican Roundels look great on my units/ sculpts. Thanks again! Best Regards, Frank L.