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About Us


First I would like to introduce myself.  Hi, I'm Richard Johnson and I am a War Gamer and Piece Junkie.  I'm Married, have Twin 17 year old daughters and live in East Texas.  Moved here 6 years ago from Kansas City, Mo.  Belton, Mo. to be exact.  

My friend and I, Chris Noble, started Playing Axis & Allies back in the mid 80's.  From the Original Axis & Allies, Implementing Gamer's Paradise and Table Tatic's Expansions, we graduated to Xeno's World at War, an Axis & Allies Variant.  After many years of playing Xeno's, we began having the taste to create more and more house rules to eventually creating our own Map with Rules. 

I began to customize and paint my Axis & Allies units about 10 years ago and realized it to be very addictive.  So I started selling them on ebay, with great success.  It actually paid for my Piece Junkie addiction.  Customizing my units I found it difficult at times locating the correct scale of decals.  With much frustration I created Combat Miniatures to offer one of a kind Decal Cards in the scale used for Axis & Allies Game Pieces.  Not only could I solve my problem but help the community in solving theirs.  So to make a long story short, we here at Combat Miniatures, which means Me, not only want to enhance the Game I love, but help others enhance the Game or Games they love.

Thank you

Richard Johnson