About Us

First I would like to thank Hasbro and Larry Harris for the creation of Axis & Allies. Thank you Jeremy and Dave Clinefelter for introducing this game to me on a cold day during Christmas Break sometime the 80s. Thank you Gamer's Paradise for your many expansions and enhancing an already excellent game.  Table Tactics who introduced not only new expansion rules but new plastic pieces, such as Half tracks, Artillery, Jeeps, Escorts & Destroyers just to name a few.  Then Xeno's World at War, an Axis & Allies Varient, whos introduction of France & China and larger map with more territories made an already long game even longer.  I started to customize my Axis & Allies units about 10 years ago and found it to be addictive.  I created Combat Miniatures to not only enhance the game I love but to help others to enhance the game or games they love.