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First I would like to introduce myself.  Hi, I'm Richard Johnson and I am a War Gamer and Piece Junkie.  I'm Married, have Twin 21 year old daughters and live in Des Moines, Iowa.  Moved here January 2023 from East Texas.

My friend and I, Chris Noble, started Playing Axis & Allies back in the mid 80's.  From the Original Axis & Allies, Implementing Gamer's Paradise and Table Tatic's Expansions, we graduated to Xeno's World at War, an Axis & Allies Variant.  After many years of playing Xeno's, we began having the taste to create more and more house rules to eventually creating our own Map with Rules. 

I began to customize and paint my Axis & Allies units about 10 years ago and realized it to be very addictive.  So I started selling them on ebay, with great success.  It actually paid for my Piece Junkie addiction.  Customizing my units I found it difficult at times locating the correct scale of decals.  With much frustration I created Combat Miniatures to offer one of a kind Decal Cards in the scale used for Axis & Allies Game Pieces.  Not only could I solve my problem but help the community in solving theirs.  So to make a long story short, we here at Combat Miniatures, which means Me, not only want to enhance the Game I love, but help others enhance the Game or Games they love.

Non Political Site

Although our site lists products considered controversial with this period of history, this is done so for historical purposes only and should not be viewed as an attempt to glorify the tragic events of World War Two (or any other conflict). Combat Miniatures does not support in any way those who would condone or embrace individuals, groups and/or organizations that are intolerant, racist or violent.  This site is respectfully dedicated to all those who suffered and died during the most tragic war in human history, both civilian and military and on all sides

Thank you

Richard Johnson