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Historical Board Games!!

Historical Board Games!!

Combat Miniatures is getting into the Board Gaming Business!!  To start this new venture with a Bang we have partnered with Siredblood and have been approved to offer Axis & Allies BBR 5.0.

The Bloodbath Ruleset, which have come to be known as the "BBR", was designed to speed up the game of Axis & Allies 1940 (G40).  Adding new elements with historical accuracy, and a round based system, G40 can easily be played in 8 hours or less.  Not only can you now play G40 in a day, the BBR offers more replay value with the round cap and point system.

Designed by Siredblood, who has played Axis and Allies on and off since the 1980's, wanted a version of G40 which could be played in about 8 hours, and also have less predictable game outcomes.  By adding in new victory conditions and a solid ground for research and development, games are never the same.  

If you are looking for a change, I can guarantee the BBR will give you and your players a great gaming experience.

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