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Trondheim Single Submarine Base

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"Dora I" was started in 1941, shortly after Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union. This was fortuitous, as a ready supply of Russian prisoners of war (POW)s (all volunteers), became available. Despite any number of precautions being taken when putting in the foundations, Dora I developed a noticeable sag of 15 cm (5.9 in). It did not seem to bother the submariners as much as the builder

All 3D Units are printed in White Strong & Flexible Material. Depending on the shape of your model and orientation, you might see print lines, or “stepping” phenomena on your model, which is a natural artifact of 3D printing using the SLS process. SLS printing works by printing layer by layer, and while our layers are around 0.12mm thin, there is a "step" between each layer, much like a staircase.

NOTE: These are New to the Line Up and on order for stock.  Will take several weeks to get.  You can order from Shapeways Store if you would like sooner.

CM 1.4 x / 3.998 y / 1.114 z

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