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1/285 Scale Rail Station

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All 3D Units are printed in White Strong & Flexible Material. Depending on the shape of your model and orientation, you might see print lines, or “stepping” phenomena on your model, which is a natural artifact of 3D printing using the SLS process. SLS printing works by printing layer by layer, and while our layers are around 0.12mm thin, there is a "step" between each layer, much like a staircase.Sized for Axis & Allies Board Games, Flames of War and other Table Top War Gaming.

Note:  Bunkers & Structures will NOT be delivered custom painted.  Will be available either in White or Primer Gray.

Cm:1.5 x / 1.598 y / 1.1 z



Rail stations may be built in any territory controlled for at least 1 round. It is not required for these units to be built in factory locations.  As the non-combat movement phase precedes the place units phase, newly purchased rail stations and railroad markers may not be used the same turn they are purchased.

Rail stations and railroad may be captured by enemy nations.  Players must maintain control of captured rail for one full turn before they are allowed to use them.  Players may destroy their own rail stations and railroad, however this must be done during the controlling players turn.  Players may attempt to destroy enemy rail stations with strategic bombing.  Apply same rules for strategic bombing.


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