Pegasus 1/72 WWII Russian Infantry

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Russia’s winters and how they have impacted military operations over the centuries are well known, and that includes what is known in Russia as the ‘Great Patriotic War’ of 1941 to 1945. The winter of 1941/42 was particularly severe, and north of Moscow the average temperature during January was -35° Celsius, reaching at one point a chilly -52°. Such temperatures not only froze men and horses, they also stopped diesel from flowing in vehicles and oil from lubricating guns and machinery. While such extremes did stop operations, both sides knew they had to continue the war during the winter, and having suffered terrible casualties to the cold during the Russian attack on Finland in 1939/40 the Red Army was at least better prepared than the Germans when winter came again. Their experience would lead to uniforms and equipment that fared better in low temperatures, and therefore give them an advantage that helped to turn the tide of war. 

Unpainted Individual Soldier from  Set 7269

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