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Oil Field Marker 6-Pack .75" Round

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(6) Oil Field Stickers Only, NO Oil Derricks included. 
Stickers are .75" Round.  
Oil Derricks can be built in any of the below Territories that have been controlled for at least one round.  Only one Derricks per territory.  This unit increases the IPC value of the territory by 1.  The effects would be immediate, as the unit would be placed before the collect IPCs phase of the game.  
Territories enriched with Oil (Place Stickers on below Territories):
-All Dutch Islands
-Columbia, Venezuela, Bolivia
-Central US
-Western Canada, Alaska
-Alexandria, Cairo, Tobruk, Trans-Jordon
-Union of South Africa
-Caucasus, Ukraine
-West India, Burma

Cost: 3IPC
Movement: NA
Can be bombed and removed from play

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