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Missing Parts

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Missing Part that did not arrive with order

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Ayeand Aye

Product is exactly as shown on website

Reid Bollman

Excellent, would love if you offered Nazi flags largest size on sheet available as an entire sheet. 12 isn't quite enough to do a full German company.

Thomas Hanna
Missing 1 Tiger Tank

Mr. Johnson,
It has been wonderful doing business with you. Not only did you fulfill my missing King Tiger miniature order; you also included a "PLUS ONE FACTOR." As they say in customer service you included an extra freebie. My freebie was a WWII German STUG unit.
I appreciate you correcting my order and making it right. I would highly recommend COMBAT MINIATURES, especially if you want to make your store bought AXIS AND ALLIES more interesting. I really like the high quality detail with your miniatures.

Thomas H.

David Sawtelle
Great Customer Service

I received the last part of my order a little later than expected but that was caused by the Delivery services and not the company. The missing part from the first part of the order arrived very soon after I notified the Company. Also in the first part of the order was a slightly damaged piece. On the Company's website was a notice from the manufacturer of the piece that this part was very fragile due to the design and materials that had to be used and that the manufacturer would not replace this item if it arrived damaged. When I notified the company of the missing part, I also told them that the one piece was damaged as warned, but that I did not want a replacement since it was only slightly damaged and that I had elected to take the risk and order it anyway. I just wanted to let the Company know that the manufacturer was still having issues making that part so the company could decide if they wanted to remove it from the catalog. Included with the missing part was a free replacement for the slightly damaged piece. Totally unexpected but very much appreciated.