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Custom Kostromitinova Class Carrier Sticker
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Custom Kostromitinova Class Carrier Sticker

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Building a Soviet fleet was a national priority, but many senior officers were killed in Stalinist purges in the late 1930s. The naval share of the national armaments budget fell from 11.5% in 1941 to 6.6% in 1944.

When Nazi Germany invaded in June 1941 and initially captured millions of soldiers, many sailors and naval guns were detached to reinforce the Red Army; these reassigned naval forces had especially significant roles on land in the battles for Odessa, Sevastopol, Stalingrad, Novorossiysk, Tuapse, and Leningrad. The Baltic fleet was blockaded in Leningrad and Kronstadt by minefields, but the submarines escaped. The surface fleet fought with the anti-aircraft defence of the city and bombarded German positions.

The U.S. and Britain through the Lend Lease program gave the USSR several of their ships with a total displacement of 810,000 ton

Printed on Premium Glossy or Matte Inkjet Sticker Photo Paper. 

Sized to fit Out of Box Game Piece from Axis & Allies 1941 Board Game.

Will need to be trimmed and applied to Carrier.  Once Trimmed remove backing from Sticker and apply.

Please Note this is not for Axis & Allies Miniatures.  

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