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1/285 Scale Watch Tower/Labor Camp/POW Camp

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All 3D Units are printed in White Strong & Flexible Material. Depending on the shape of your model and orientation, you might see print lines, or “stepping” phenomena on your model, which is a natural artifact of 3D printing using the SLS process. SLS printing works by printing layer by layer, and while our layers are around 0.12mm thin, there is a "step" between each layer, much like a staircase.Sized for Axis and Allies Board Games, Flames of War and other Table Top War Gaming.

Once at War, Nations (of course Germany & Russia had them before WW2) created Labor Camps to assist with the War Effort.

SUGGESTED RULES:  Once at War with a Major Power and Owning at least (1) original territory from your opponent, you can build a Labor Camp.  Must be built at Major Factory Site.  Labor Camp will reduce cost by 1IPC on selective units (my house rule would be Infrastructure, like Railroads, Rail Stations, Oil Derricks, Air Fields, Ship Yards, Bunkers, etc)  However, could be used on Aircraft or Artillery & Armor.  Can be bombed and removed from play.  Can be liberated.  If Liberated piece is removed from play.

Cost: Depends on if you are playing 40,39 or 36 Game. 5-8IPC
Movement: none
Attack: none
Defense: none

1/285 scale (0.998x/0.998y/2.394z), Painted in a Primer Gray

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