1/72 Caesar WWII British Army Soilder
Caesar Miniatures

1/72 Caesar WWII British Army Soilder

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Despite being able to evacuate large numbers of troops from the beaches of Dunkirk, the defeat of Britain's armed forces in Western Europe in 1940 was a stunning blow to the fading imperial power, and the task was now one of defending against a possible invasion across the Channel. The entry of the Soviet Union and the USA into the war in 1941 was of course pivotal in the struggle with Germany, and by mid 1944 the British Army, reequipped, trained and greatly enlarged, played a major role in the invasion of Normandy and the ultimate liberation of the West. Although only one of several theaters of operation during the war, it is this conflict in North-West Europe that is the setting for this collection of figures from Caesar.

Caesar Miniatures 1/72 British Army Soldier.

Unpainted Figure in a dark gray.

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