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1/72 Soldier Boxed Sets

Complete Sets of 1/72 Scale Unpainted Toy Soldiers sold in Complete Original Box.  Brands such as Caesar Miniatures, Italeri, Pegasus & HaT.
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Spanish Republican Infantry Sculpts

Great Sculpts! Highly detailed, perfect for painting. Will compliment my custom Spanish Civil War game.

Thank you Richard once again for providing quality products to elevate game play. Sincerely, Frank Leon

Great piece. Awesome shop. They try to make sure that their sculpts are the best. He is one of the best businesses out there

Exactly what I needed

Doing a Canadian themed leagues of votann paint scheme and these will be perfect for their shoulder guards

Great size

These figures are the perfect size for axis and allies game play, and have nice detail.

Non combat arrows

No more double moves and confusuon with non-combat unit moves. Arrows reminded and helped us know where units came from.

Nice miniatures!

The naval vessels look great. Just need to paint them and apply the decals. Thanks!

BBR Global 40 upgrade

I couldn't be happier! The map is just gorgeous. I chose the colored version. The nice colored rulebook and battleboard are super nice. The cards bad rules period make an already great game nothing less than Awesome. When I went to pay they allowed me to make payments and that made the purchase a must lol. The staff was hands on with questions and even switched my wrong choice map at the last minute. Thanx Richard. This is a great product offered by an equally great company!!!

WW2 UK Bradford Truck

Highly detailed 3D sculp great for taking gaming up a notch by providing an avenue for finer finishing and customization.

Fantastic map!

If you want an Axis and Allies map that brings out the flavor of the 1940s WWII period..........this, is it! It is also a map on steroids............simply huge! I got the G40 version. This map has a lot of detail put into it. It is politically correct for the time period. It should give me years of enjoyment in playing this game. I was not disappointed! Lt. did a great job in putting this together! If you are into this type of gaming.........this is the way to go! Thanks!


Outstanding quality and detailed 3D sculpts. Took a while to receive but worth it! Global War Spanish civil war just got a nice face-lift.

Great stuff but..

As I said great stuff. The only caveat I would have kept to myself if not asked my opinion...
I ordered on 2\5. I didn't get these till 2\21. Post office took normal amount of that to ship and there was 1 holiday in there as well. I can remember last time being like that making 100%. Like I said great stuff, expect unusual handling time.

Aquila Battle Group

While overall a nice set and I received extra carriers and destroyers plus a Flethcher class DD, I did notice two small problems. The DDs have a tendency to buckle a bit but I was able to straighten them out and painting helped keep their shape. The other problem is the names on the bottom. The Zara was a heavy cruiser and the Sella was a destroyer. You have them reversed. No problem for me but it might confuse someone not versed in Italian ship classes. Overall I am satisfied with this order.


works well for me .good quality thks

Nice addition for my BBR game

I really like these Air Transport markers. They fit nicely on my metal flight stands, and allow me to keep track for what is/isn’t a Bomber. I’d recommend d them to anyone trying to improve their game.

The decals are the perfect size that I need. Thanks so much for your time to help me.

Utility Paint Set

Exactly the colors I need. thanks so much.

I needed this

Needed the VP, air transport and submerged roundels. The Battle board is large and good quality. The card deck is a little small for me, but I am a bit visually impaired ( old and need readers, lol ) but there is 2 decks which is great to have one on each side of the map.

Great , I love the size

Wanted this size map. Glad I got it. Really helps with larger SZ like SZ 110 and land territory like London to fit pieces in.

Great decals for small scale planes!

Great decals. Excellent for my small scale aircraft!

Great decals for small scale planes!

Great decals. Excellent for my small scale aircraft!

Great decals. Excellent for my small scale aircraft!

Another quality piece

cool piece!! just plain railroad tracks!! easy to see doesn't take up room or space on board or storage. 1 thing though- I need more and its always sold out.

Beautiful work of art and playable!!!

Purchased Lt. Dan's G40 map a few weeks ago. Fast shipment. Absolutely cannot be more pleased with the work product (beautiful map) and how it is in line with playing global 40 with OOB Axis&Allies rules. I doubt that I will ever go back to my game box board. The detail of the map is so impressive and the map itself a playable work of art. I like how Combat Miniatures is able to make this available and PRINTED on vinyl so it is one stop shopping. You will not be disappointed in my opinion.

US Paratroopers

Purchased the Caesar Miniatures 1/72 WW2 US Paratroopers. The delivery was timely and just what I ordered. I like the soldiers… the detail on each piece is so good. Thank you Combat Miniatures!

german fighter

this is a nice little german bf109 looks great